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2017 生日會 - 現開放報名

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Jessica’s Birthday Party 2017將定於8月6日 (星期日) 中午在香港舉行。現正式開放報名, 預算費用為每人港幣540/人民幣485元 (成人/小童同價)。名額110人, 先到先得。如有興趣參加, 請通過電郵報名。

粉絲報名後會通過電郵收到付款資料, 請在3天內完成付款, 我們會在收到款項後通過電郵向粉絲確認。若逾時未支付款項, 你的報名將會被取消。而生日會的其它詳情(如地點, 時間及規則等)會在生日會的一週前再以電郵通知。


請把以下資料電郵到 jx.bdayparty@gmail.com 報名 (不接受團體報名, 每個電郵只可以報一人, 如報多人則會被視為無效報名):

- 姓名 :- 微博名稱:
- 國家和城市:
- 聯絡電話:

- 聯絡電郵:
- 如你希望和你的朋友同坐一檯, 請留下朋友報名的名字:

任何疑問, 請聯絡我們 jx.bdayparty@gmail.com 。謝謝你們!
Cheers, PartyOrganisers

Dear Fans,
Jessica’s Birthday Party 2017 will be held on (Sunday) August 6th afternoon in Hong Kong. If you would like to participate, please email to jx.bdayparty@gmail.com to register. The estimated fee per person this year is HKD540/RMB485 (Same price for both adult & child). There will be a limit of 110 participants on a rolling basis.
Fans who have successfully registered will receive an email with payment methods. In order to secure a seat, please make payment within 3 days otherwise your registration will be cancelled. Upon receipt of the payment, we will confirm your registration by email. Party details such as time, venue and rules will be sent via email a week prior the party.
**IMPORTANT: No refund will be allowed. Please notify us immediately if you decided not to attend even after payment is made, so that we can arrange substitution for those who is the on waiting list. Any extra fund will be donated to SAA.
Please include the following details in the email when you register (Please note that we only accept ONE participant per email/registration):
- Name: - Weibo's nickname:- Country & City:- Contact number:- Email address:- If you wish to sit at the same table with your friends, please state the names of your friends: (We will try our best to arrange for you, but cannot guaranteed. Thanks for your consideration)

For any questions, feel free to contact us at jx.bdayparty@gmail.com.  Thanks for your attention!

Party Organisers

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天呀!坐等几天,今天刚出去回来就发现报名帖子,吓死我,希望来得及报名啦!:Hou (79):

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Dear Fans,

Registration is already full. For those who would like to register from now on will be put on the waiting list and we will notify you if anyone withdraw later on.


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